The Canberra Country Blues & Roots Festival is proud to host the annual National Teams Challenge raising funds for community charities with a lot of fun along the way.

Tug O War Tyre Rolling Teams Challenge Trophy

The Event Serious Fun For A Good Cause

The Teams Challenge is where groups from various emergency, defence and other institutional agencies come together in fitness and fun to compete and raise funds for charities. With three activities (tyre roll, tug-o-war & relay) held in heats, to reach the final is the goal that only two teams can achieve.

How It Happens:

  • Entrants are encouraged especially from:
    • Defence Army/Navy/Air Force/ADFA/Reserves
    • Police ACT/NSW/NSW Police College/Other
    • Transport Buses/Freight/Couriers/Other
    • Sports Clubs Athletics/Swimming/Football/Other
    • Fire Services ACT/NSW/Other
    • Medical Ambulance/Paramedic/Nurses/Other
    • Border Customs/Quarrantine/Rangers/Fisheries/Other
    • Government Agencies various
  • Registrations can be made up to 10:00am on Sunday 17 November.

  • Teams can be between 6 to 10 members + coach/manager, altering specific event participants according to those best suited to that event.

  • Team members must be from the Sector indicated above, although teams may be comprised of differing organizations within these Sectors.

  • More than a single Team can be drawn from an organization as long as all use a different Team Name

  • 3 Events per Heat and Finals: Tyre Rolling Relay (4 team members), Tug O War (6 team members), 100m Relay (4 team members)

  • Winners are the first finished each event and will be announced at the completion of each heat.

  • Teams with most winning pints per Heat progress to the next Heat / Final

  • All team entrants must be present for heats and finals subject to replacement by new members where there is an injury to an original member.

  • All team participants must be physically fit and able. Participants should not have medical ailments, heart condition, high blood pressure, asthma or be pregnant lest such conditions be adversely impacted by participation in the event

  • This is a family friendly festival no illicit drug or foul language within festival perimeter. Absolutely no Alcohol is to be brought into the festival area. Breaches will be dealt firstly with security warning and confiscation, then by police action.

  • The competition and display offers no monetary rewards for participants. Winners receive certificates with top award special prizes

  • Monies raised from the event will be presented to local community charities.

  • Entry Fee is $60 per team. All registered Team members are entitled to the discounted Earlybird 3-day Weekend Pass to the Canberra Country Blues & Roots Festival. Once arriving exchange go to the Prepaid Ticket window for your Festival wristband

  • Teams registered early enough will be mentioned in the printed Festival Program as well as from stages at various times during the Festival operation.

  • If insufficient team entries are received, inclement weather occurs or other serious risk and safety issues arise the Canberra Country Blues & Roots Festival reserves the right to defer or cancel the event without prior notice and separate collections for designated beneficiaries may be undertaken.

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    Sunday 17 November Canberra - Take The Challenge!

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