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2010 - Dec - Canberra Country Awarded For ACT Work Experience Program

The Canberra Country Music Festival was presented with a Certificate of Accreditation in recognition for supporting the ACT Department of Education And Training Work Experience Program 2010 and providing muliple work experience placements during the most recent Festival


2010 - Nov 26 - Festival Achieves 92% Recycling Compliance!

The Canberra Country Music Festival achieved 92 percent recycling compliance at the 2010 event. Environmental systems organisation Water Recycle Group announced the results after auditing the Festival.

The key to this great environmental outcome was the use of differentiated refuse bins where consumers, vendors and other separated their rubbish so that recyclable paper, cardboard, cans, plastics and glass were available for recycling. Festival coordinators were proud to be not just seen to be ecofriendly, but more importantly doing the hard work to make a difference.


2010 - Nov 16 - National Brain Injury Foundation Benefits From Festival

The Canberra Country Music Festival honoured the important work of the National Brain Injury Foundation with the presentation of a cheque from the 2010 event. The National Brain Injury Foundation was established with one simply stated aim: To care for and to assist those with Acquired Brain Injury and their families.

Festival Director Kelvin Fahey presented the cheque to Ms Dong at the NBIF headquarters in Canberra.

For More Informatiomn on NBIF - Click Here


2010 - Nov 14 - Canberra Country Music Awards 2010 Winners Announced!

The Canberra Country Music Awards 2010 were announced and presented on Sunday 14 November on the main stage at the Canberra Country Music Festival.

The winners were:

  • Best EP (Extended Play CD) – Bear Country Road - Brewn;
  • Best Contemporary Song Award – All Of Your World - Leanne Melmoth;
  • Best Production Award (Engineer/Arrangement) – Steve Newton from Enrec Studios Tamworth for the EP Bear Country Road by the band Brewn;
  • Best Country Gospel Song – I Saw The Sun - Leanne Melmoth;
  • Best Country Rock Song – Sound Of Then (This Is Australia) - Steve Cheers.


    2010 - Nov 14 - Canberra Ute Van & Truck Muster 2010 Winners Announced!

    The Canberra Ute Van & Truck Muster 2010 Winners were announced after serious judging (including Summernats Chic Henry) checked out the wide range of vehicles on display.

    And the winners were:

  • Champion Ute - WB Holden "Obnoxious" - Temika Gumm - NSW
  • Best BNS - HQ Ute - David Grady
  • Best Feral - HQ 1 Tonner - Phil Morris
  • Chicks Ute - WB Holden - Temika Gumm - NSW
  • Vintage - no entrants
  • Work Vehicle - BA Falcon - Craig Riches - NSW
  • 4WD - Toyota Hilux - Ron Hughes - ACT
  • Best Street - VU Holden - Derek Williams - ACT- (second year winner!)
  • Street Modified - VZ Crewman - Rhian Blackwell - ACT
  • Best Van - VW Kombi - Yellow Tail Wines - NSW
  • Best Truck - Hino - James Norton - NSW - (second year winner!)


    2010 - Nov 13 - Canberra Country Songwriting Awards 2010 Winners Announced!

    The Canberra Country Songwriting Awards 2010 were announced and presented on Saturday 13 November at the Canberra Country Music Festival.

    Damian Howard impressed the judges taking out the top four awards:

  • Best Country Song Gold Award for New Day;
  • Best Country Sing Silver Award for One Step Forward;
  • Outstanding Country Lyrics Award for One Step Forward; and
  • Outstanding Country Music Award for New Day.

    Damian Howard also received a Judges Commendation for Don’t Want To Hear About It, and took out the Best Song by a Professional Songwriter Award with New Day.

    Brothers 3, Shardyn Fahey-Leigh, won the Country Composition Youth Award for the song Slow Joe, a song he co-wrote with Alita Fahey. This song also took out the Country Blues (Australian Professional) Award in the Sub-Genre Category. Shardyn is only 14 years old, but has been performing as part of the Brothers 3 for a number of years.

    Shardyn Fahey-Leigh also received a Judges Commendation for Where The Eagles Fly, another song he co-wrote with Alita Fahey, which also took out the Rockabilly (Australian Professional) award in the Sub-Genre Category.

    Other Sub-Genre Category Award winners were:

  • Bush Ballad (Australian Professional) – Leaving Home Now Alita Fahey;
  • Bush Ballad (Australian Amateur) – It’s Her New Headtalk Jennifer Hannam. Jennifer is a young 13 year old and comes from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. This is the first national competition she has entered.
  • Children (Australian Professional) – Eurobodalla, jointly written by Jeff Aschmann and Rod Slockee, with phrases of the local indigenous Dhurga language, provided by Dhurga language teachers Waine Donovan and Kerry Boyenga.
  • Contemporary (Australian Amateur) – Bumpy Ride Jennifer Hannam.
  • Country Rock (Australian Professional) – Lazy written by Michael Bond, Scott Gruber, John Barbara and Anthony Barbara of the band Brewn.

    2010 - Nov 09 - Toyota Hilux Artic Challenger On Display @ CCMF10

    The Canberra Country Music Festival is proud to announce that Top Gear's Artic Challenge Race To The North Pole Toyota Hilux will to be on display at the Toyota Country Pavillion- Oh what a feeling! Numerous motoring journalists will be present and will add a new dimension to the Festival.

    This is the first time the vehicle has made it to Canberra. As Wikipedia say "In 2007, Top Gear ran a special program in which Clarkson and James May raced a customized 2005 model Hilux to the 1996 magnetic north pole from Northern Canada against Richard Hammond using a dog sled, and won. This episode, known as the Top Gear Polar Special, made the truck the first motor vehicle to make it to the North Magnetic Pole. The Hilux used was slightly modified: larger wheels and thicker tyres were installed, a thick sump guard was installed, the front suspension was moved forward, a gun mount was installed, some powerful front lights were installed (although they were not needed) and a toilet seat (called the 'Bumper Dumper' by Clarkson) was mounted on the rear bumper."


    2010 - Nov 08 - Slim Newton's First Performance In Canberra!

    Renown for his hit "Redback On The Toilet Seat", Slim Newton will finally perform in Canberra after last visiting in 1957 as a young boy.

    Surprisingly and despite his song being known to all Australian's, Slim never performed in the national capital - so this is his chance to give audience a great show during the "Thank God It's Friday Night Celebrity Concert" on the Southern Cross Main Stage.


    2010 - Oct 29 - Toyota Onboard For CCMF10

    The Canberra Country Music Festival is proud to announce the hosting of Toyota Motor Corporation Australia' National Motoring Media at CCMF10. We look forward to seeing their presence in the Toyota Country Pavillion at the Festival.

    Toyota joins with other leading sponsors and supporters such as Fosters Group, Yellow Tail, Diageo Australia, Nestle Peters Ice Cream, Abletts and Shannons in making possible the Canberra Country Music Festival.


    2010 - Oct 28 - Free Bears Update

    Our condolences to Free Bears drummer Carsten Aufermann's loss of his father this week. This has cut short their world tour and as a result their long anticipated appearance in Australia at CCMF10.

    The Free Bears are Europe's leading country/Americana rockabilly band with chart hits over recent years including "Girls Girls Girls" and "Lucy". If you enjoy Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Steve Earle, Cigar Store Indians and honky tonk, you'll love the Free Bears. Let's hope we see them @ CCMF in 2011.


    2010 - Aug 30 - Solo Icon Winner To Perform @ CCMF10

    In a stunning final, this year's Solo Icon winner was not the usual R&B or rock artist, but contemporary country music performer Josh B Shaller. And for sure, he is coming to perform at the Canberra Country Music Festival in November.

    In his final high school year, Josh is a humble singer that raised his younger brother whilst living in Honiara. During the awards he performed one of his own songs as well as the classic "Baby I'm Amazed By You" to a standing ovation from the 2,000 audience. At least 2 admiring girls proposed marriage to Josh on television after his knockout performance. When announced as the Solo Icon 2010 winner on 15 August he fell to his knees. "I didn’t expect it, but I think all of us did well to come this far”, he said giving credit to the huge talent potential of all finalists across the Pacific.

    Josh arrives in Australia just before the Canberra Country Music Festival and will be onsite for the event duration performing, undertaking media interviews and meeting new fans. With his favourite country role model in Tim McGraw, this is a performer going places and we are proud to host him.


    2010 - Jul 20 - Music Festival Relieved By Election Date Announcement, First Round Performers Announced

    One Canberra music festival is relieved by the August Australian Federal election date announcement. With its main stage being in the National Tally Room, the Canberra Country Music Festival had been apprehensive of a November poll, as was likely under the former Prime Minister.

    “The venue agreement clearly stated that if an election was called we would have lost the 3,500 seat capacity Budawang building which also serves as the National Tally Room for the Australian Electoral Office during election time” said Festival Director, Kelvin Fahey. “It would have also compromised the Bundy Bar, our food village and outdoor stage, so effectively shut down the Festival, so for sure we are all breathing easier now, regardless of the politics.”

    Canberra Country Music Festival is held at Exhibition Park in Canberra during 12-14 November across 5 stages in a celebration of music, dance, horse and utes.

    First round of performers announced include:

  • Travis Collins – releasing his new album and past hits like “Start The Car”

  • Free Bears – Europe’s leading country rockabilly band (Germany)

  • Don McNatt – host of Nashville Writers In The Round” television show and leading songwriter and session musician (USA)

  • Slim Newton– who can forget the #1 hit “Redback on the Toilet Seat” (NSW)

  • Nicki Gillis – contemporary with the Frank Ifield collaboration “I Remember You” (NSW)

  • Pete Galvin - affectionately known as “Keith Urban’s southern brother“ (NZ)

  • 8 Ball Aitken – the ZZ Top of Australian country music with his “Outback Booty Call” (QLD)

  • Brothers 3 – the new faces of traditional country, featuring Shardyn who played Boy Form, Oz with Hugh Jackman (NSW)

  • Hoola –leading Hawaiian style where country music got its twang!

    Other artists include Leanne Melmoth (ACT), Jay Scott Berry (USA), Brewn (new CD), Melissa Robertson (NSW), Kelly Cooper (ACT), Des Morgan (NSW), Fry Brothers (VIC), Trixie Craig (NZ), Ceddy McGrath (NSW), Noel Smith (NSW), Counterfeit Cash (NSW), Sean Hale (VIC), Britlejack (NSW), Alice Plumb (NSW), Tiana (NSW), Noel McClumpha (WA), Bush Capital Band, with more to be announced!

    Primary aims of the festival are to promote country music (in all its sub-genres) and raise funds for local non-profit community charities, including Country Women’s Association, Lions Club and Conservation Volunteers.

    Festival tickets and onsite camping are available from Ticketek, leading music retailers, regional newsagents and on the day during the festival.

    Sponsors include: Bundaberg Rum, Fosters Group, Shannons Insurance, Kamberra Wine Company, Abletts Transport, Water Recycle Group, Diversity Music Group, Formule 1, Airport International Motel, EPIC

    Supporters include: Country Music Association of Canberra, Australian Independent Music Association, Monaro Folk Society, Summernats, Fine Finish, Caprice Joinery, ABA Printing, Tprintz and Ticketek


    2010 - Jun 02 - 4 Weeks To Go In Worldwide Performer Search For CCMF10

    The international search continues for another 4 weeks to find two country music artists to perform at November’s Canberra Country Music Festival in Australia. Coordinated by Sonicbids, the main stage spots are for one United States based artist one non-American performer. This is the first time an Australian music festival has undertaken such an international artist search and the results are encouraging to date.

    Festival Director, Kelvin Fahey, stated “We wanted to ensure that opportunities were available for international artists in a more structured process. Sonicbids provides a systematic Electronic Press Kit approach that makes it much easer for us to handle than the deluge of unsolicited artist inquires we receive.”

    Mr Fahey went on to discuss the variety and quality of international submissions to date. “I must admit that the quality of many artists is incredibly high and leading edge. We have artistic styles submissions including Americana, Bluegrass, Ballads, Alternate, Country Rock, Country Gospel, Western Swing and even Country Rap, such is the diversity across the country genre in the world we live in.”

    To date the festival has received submissions through Sonicbids from entries from as Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom well as the United States. The final deadline for submissions is 30 June, with a public announcement naming the winning artists being made soon after.

    The Canberra Country Music Festival is held across 5 stages during 12-14 November in ..Australia..’s national capital, Canberra. The venue is Exhibition Park which is also home to Summernats and the National Folk Festival with onsite camping and catering to audiences of 100,000. Tickets are available online from Ticketek, regional newsagents and numerous music stores. Children under 13 are admitted free.

    Based in Boston, Sonicbids sets the industry standard for submitting to gigs and connecting to the world’s musical and performance community with more than 140,000 bands, singers, songwriters and other performers using their network. www.sonicbids.com/canberra